Executive Director of LCI of LCI recognised as the Woman of the Sun by the daily newspaper

We all have stories; stories that mould our existence and ignite our passion and purpose in life. I was privileged to be interviewed by the amazing Gloria Ikegbule of The Suns Newspaper on the 28th of April, 2020.

This is my first time of sharing my story to the world on the unpleasant events that spurred my passion for the protection and promotion of the female gender rights and the unforgettable moments during my formative years that fueled my passion.

It was a great opportunity to tell the world the reason behind my choice of study and also communicate the rights of women.

Salient questions on divorce, how to get a man to be financially responsible for his kids after divorce, the best legal punishment to be inflicted on a rape suspect if another marriage certificate can be issued after divorce, availability of court in handling verbal and psychological abuses and many more were answered.

I believe it is an interesting read! click here


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