I was preparing to travel on one fateful Thursday, when one of my brothers called me, he wanted me to help in his engagement ceremony which was to take place the following week, and there I was with my plans. What do I do? If I didn’t go, there were people who could do it and surely he was not going to kill me. As difficult as this was, I had to change plan because I saw it as an opportunity to give a part of me to him.

          Sometimes we‘ve got to shift our grounds so as to assist our fellow beings, and this is to mean is a way of showing as just a simple woman love, sometimes you don’t even have to confess with, mouth to the person you love, before he or she recognizes that ,When we bear sacrifice for others ,then we are truly good to our own. Benjamin Franklin said ’When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.it is the individual who is not interested in his fellow man who has the greatest difficulty in life’          Gladys Aylward was just a simple woman who did what she believed God called her to do. In 1920 she sailed to china where she opened a home for orphaned children who had been left to starve or wander the streets until the government placed them in wretched ware houses when the Japanese invaded China Gladys was forced to flee. She ended up on the island of Formosa with over 100 children to care for in the face of extreme difficulty and danger she devoted her life to becoming a mother to each of them. You can imagine how easy this pretty sounds, a mother to hundred children how on earth is this possible?Yet, she did all this. As absurd as this may sound, when we give a part of ourselves to others we are useful to others and also ourselves and we are truly useful, forget about, it is MY MENTALITY, it is MY clothe, it is MY life, it is my time of course they are all yours, but it would be better, if you pause and think about others, let their happiness be yours, rejoice with those who rejoice, grieve with those who grieve. Don’t be a Lone ranger!


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