A Ted Talk on Self Confidence as an Empowerment Skill for Young Ladies

I addressed over 70 beautiful ladies on
⁣’Understanding yourself, A Question of Personal Identity⁣’

Most of us will admit that in our daily interaction with others. The question of ‘who are you’ has been thrown at our faces. I will like to ask, who are you?⁣

Self Identity is the recognition of one’s unique ability. It is the ability to accept your uniqueness, vulnerability, weakness, strength and wholeness.⁣

Each of us is unique in her own space. It is after we might have known and accepted ourselves to a certain level that we can progress to SELF LOVE.

Love is a many-splendour concept and I believe it should come from within. Take time to study yourself and your gifts.

There is no perfect person on earth.
Appreciate yourself and place value on yourself. ⁣

Set standards. Don’t allow people treat or use you badly. You must value your sanity above all
and recognise your worth.

You are beautiful!
You are gorgeous!
You are the best of your kind.

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We keep empowering!
We keep working!



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