We all have childhood dreams

We all have childhood dreams, one of mine is to be on television with thousands of people watching all over the world.⁣

Nothing about last week hinted me that one of my childhood fancies would be achieved eventually. ⁣

I’ve had opportune moments to speak on diverse radio stations like: TAO FM in Okene, Kogi state and Root F.M in Abeokuta, Ogun state advocating women empowerment and gender equality policies but nothing beats the experience of live reality.⁣

Every click of the camera on my face was saluted with wide smiles, though, some reveal dimple punctuated cheek, others didn’t.⁣

In all, one could feel the radiating inner joy from my soul.⁣

It was amazing discussing the legal issues surrounding choosing Next of Kin with the ladies on the ‘Lady’s lounge’.⁣

kindly find the the link to the video on YouTube attached to this post .⁣

By the way, I am very open to invitations of this nature.


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