I just completed reading an article, the writer opined that when people try to be cheerful about social distancing and encourage women to work from home, noting that William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton did some of their best work while England was ravaged by the plague, there was an obvious response, she gave. Neither of them had child-care responsibilities.⁣

I read that during the plague, Shakespeare spent most of his career in London, where the theatres were, while his family lived in Stratford-upon-Avon. Newton never married nor had children.⁣

Without doubt, the majority of the caregivers at home and in the communities are women. Women shoulder many caring responsibilities. As a result of this, they are hit harder by health, economic and social impacts which signify a high increase of risk infection and likely loss of livelihood. ⁣

This rapid changes in daily life have different impacts on women and men, the closure of schools to control COVID-19 would definitely have a differential effect on women who provides informal care within families. ⁣

It is certain that a pandemic of this nature is unlikely to give them time to concentrate on themselves. Working from home would be effective and easier without kids. Self- isolation can be maximally utilized and well spent in a spacious house than a cramped apartment.⁣

We exist to complement each other, don’t wait till your partner fall sick before you assist them.⁣


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