Female oppression is an issue that still exists in our society. The fact that we live in a modern world has not changed the ugly reality that women are discriminated against and any attempt to speak against the injustice is tantamount to challenging an age-long tradition. ⁣

There is a subtle gender role ideology used as a tool by the patriarchal system to place women within the private arena of the home as mothers and wives and nothing more. Some men would instruct their wives not to work, despite the willingness of their wives. They are of the opinion that the public sphere belongs to men and any attempt to attack this is perceived as a spite to their masculinity and supremacy.⁣

There is a need for a shift in our perception of women. Women have capacities and not just roles, instead of focusing only on the roles and functions of women, each of us need to ask how we can support the women in our lives. ⁣

As a result of this ideological divide, ⁣
women have to negotiate their entry into the public sphere and to claim it according to material opportunities available to them in any given culture or society; despite the fact that women have proved their mettle in socio-economic and political spheres of the society.⁣

I have seen many women bury their potentials and dreams because of the massive responsibilities of taking care of kids and home affairs simply because they were not so fortunate to have supportive partners.⁣

Keeping homes and raising children is highly demanding and can be stressful without support. Now that our children are at home, we should look for ways to assist our women with chores and taking care of kids.⁣


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