Empowerment Programme at Borstal Training Institution, Abeokuta, Ogun state

We are delighted to have provided over 300 reusable and sustainable face masks, foodstuffs, detergents and local-made alcohol-based sanitizers for the juveniles(boys) at the Borstal Training Institution, Abeokuta, Ogun state.⁣⁣
In addition to that, the boys had access to an in-depth sensitization on the prevention of corona virus and gender-based violence; they were sensitized on the need to respect, protect and promote girl’s and women’s rights.⁣⁣
Furthermore, they were empowered with training on various methods of making effective alcohol-based sanitizers with access to lectures on the importance of entrepreneurship and vocational training.⁣⁣
We consider it a great opportunity to show care, love, and engaged the boys; we remain focused on advancing the cause of women and girls towards a safe and equitable society.⁣⁣


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