I am the black beauty.

My dark eyes like the dark side of the moon

I bath in the clear flowing river of Nile,

Raveling the scent of banana plants and wild fishes.

I stand upright and tall in beauty like bamboo tree.

My bosom like the edible watermelons

from the Pearl of Africa.

I will untangle it all on the lofty height of Kilimanjaro

To feel the flaming hands of the fierce sun glittering my skin,

I see the white man leaping like a leopard,

To steal soft glances at me through his binoculars.

Black thighs like bronze and steel.

My dark triangle is tightly structured with gorgeous engravings

Made from African ceramics,

Sitting on the threshold of the world.

My tunnel is rich with precious mineral deposits,

Herein lies gold and diamonds discovered when I was eighteen,

Ripe for exploration in the 18th century.

At moonlight, my grandfather tells me a tale,

Human race is of Africa origin.

Human remains were discovered at Omo,

Dated 195,000 years old in Ethiopia.

Music is the quench of thirstiness of an African soul.

Drums made of animal skins beaten skillfully

By agile masculine hands.

Swirling my huge hips to the rhythm of  songs.

Of the valiant deeds of our heroes lost in dark war.

Of heroes who carved The Great Sphinx of Giza.

Of  heroes with the oldest monarchy in human history.

His majesty sits in castles decorated with sculptures in gold,

Consisting of many courtyards each surrounded with alcoves,

Princes adorn in damasks, satins, silks and cotton

With neatly gold plaited hairs.

Heroes dwelling in one of the largest continent in the world

Africa, my Africa, land of beauty.


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