I have travelled through the nooks and crannies of the earth

I have explored the springs from which the seas flow

I have walked through the width of its depth

I have been to the hottest part of the planet

I have even journey through continents and Islands

Everywhere I go, I meet her majesty who has no crown

Her kingdom is known for painful hardship.  

Her fruits are everywhere across the planet

Unshaved chins dressed in unkempt clothes

I see them freeze; and no one give a clothe

I see them starve;and no one spares bread

I see them commit suicide; and no one cares

I see innocence sacrificed at the altar of survival

I hear birth right sold for tubers of yam in difficulty.

Dry flaky skin in penury

Shrinking alliance of aged limbs

On the road to the gathering of saints

Tattered rags shout ‘Halleluyah’

Empty stomach sings ‘Hossannah’

Ushers welcome with hopelessness

For theirs is the kingdom of back seat.

Here they come to the garden of gloves

To meet the Syringe for treatment                                                                                               

But they are cut off like the head of grains

Wanderers of the day have no note to spare

All hope lies in self-medication

Tell that tale to the well to do.

Creeping worms feast on their bodies

For the cemetery is for the noble

Of what essence is the use of casket?

For the burial of a pauper.

If not for this crownless queen

What will make Adunni steal pepper at Oshodi market?

If not for this crownless queen

What will make Ada sleep with dog for 10,000naira?

If not for this crownless queen

What will make Ajala kidnap and sell a two-year old for 50,000 naira?

If not for this crownless queen

What will make Aboki bomb a thousand people for 2,000naira?

We are not responsible for their plight

Yet we are responsible for their fright

We can make their wrinkles twinkles

We can help their souls mingle in love

We can give when we peep

We can share what we keep.

High over in their lowly caves

They watch in despair

For our golfment are high beyond reach

Meaningstars embezzles all

Private jets courts bulletproof cars

Give birth to mighty mansions

They tread on the bones of the masses

Short live her crownless majesty!

It is an unaffordable luxury

To believe that

This present demonic crazy golfmeant

Is the same with the Linconicdemocracy

For,where are the dividends of democracy?

Fundamental Human rights are not the chorus of the poor

Freedom and liberty are not the music

Ofthe needy in depression.

You have no money, you are deprived of honey

No reasonable naira: you are rendered voiceless like the sea

Yet, we are blessed with natural resources

Our land flows with milk and honey

Who is to be blamed?

Can we blame the colonial masters?

Short live her crownless majesty!

For our people can grow fruits but not juice

For our people can grow cocoa but not chocolate

For our people can grow groundnut but not oil

For our people can explore crude oil but not petroleum

For our people can grow sugar but not sugarcane.

Mere groaning would do no one good

But determination and sincere hard work

All excuses should be shunned

I have no hand is no excuse for poverty

I have no sight is no excuse for poverty

I have no legs is no excuse for poverty

Go find Helen Keller and learn from her.

All hail to theRockefellers of the world

But we all cannot survive on generosity

All men should struggle for survival

He who will not eat should not work

He who will not work should not eat

Life but a running shadow

Poverty her crownless royal majesty

We will slaughter cow at your burial

The whole earth will rejoice at your demise.


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